Electric Plaster Cutter Heavy Duty 2 Blades 1 Allen Key Box

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An orthopedic electric plaster cutter is a specialized tool used in medical settings, particularly in orthopedic departments or clinics, to safely and efficiently remove plaster or fiberglass casts. This device is specifically designed for heavy-duty use in cutting through these sturdy materials.

The components of an orthopedic electric plaster cutter “heavy-duty” set with additional items might include:

Electric Plaster Cutter: This is the main device powered by electricity, featuring a sharp rotary blade or blades capable of effectively cutting through plaster or fiberglass casts. The “heavy-duty” classification implies that it is built for durable, robust, and frequent use.

2 Blades: The set typically includes multiple cutting blades as replacements or for different purposes. The blades are crucial as they need to be sharp for efficient and safe cutting through the cast material.

1 Allen Key: An Allen key is a tool used to tighten or adjust components of the plaster cutter. It ensures that the blades are securely fastened and properly aligned for safe and efficient cutting.

Box or Case: Often, these sets come in a storage box or case for safekeeping of the cutter and its accessories when not in use. This helps maintain the cleanliness and organization of the tools.

The electric plaster cutter in orthopedics is an essential tool as it allows medical professionals to remove casts with precision and speed while minimizing the risk of injury to the patient’s skin. The “heavy-duty” nature of this equipment suggests it is designed to handle a high workload and is built for efficiency and durability in a clinical setting.

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Dimensions 37 × 20 × 10 cm


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