Locking Clavicle Hook Plate 3.5mm X 5Holes Left Orthopedic Surgical Titanium

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The “Locking Clavicle Hook Plate 3.5mm X 5 Holes Left Orthopedic Surgical Titanium” is an orthopedic implant designed specifically for the left clavicle. Here’s a breakdown of its components:

Locking Clavicle Hook Plate: This indicates that the implant is a hook plate designed for the clavicle bone. Hook plates are used to stabilize fractures and maintain alignment of the bone. The plate features a hook-shaped extension that wraps around the clavicle to provide additional stability.
3.5mm: This refers to the width of the plate, specifically the diameter of the screw holes. A width of 3.5mm indicates the size of the locking screws that can be used with this plate.
X 5 Holes: This indicates the number of screw holes in the plate. In this case, the plate has five holes for screws. The number and arrangement of holes may vary depending on the specific surgical technique and the anatomical requirements of the patient.
Left: This specifies that the plate is intended for use on the left side of the body. Orthopedic implants often come in left and right configurations to match the anatomy of the patient.
Orthopedic Surgical Titanium: This describes the material composition of the plate. Titanium is commonly used in orthopedic implants due to its biocompatibility, strength, and resistance to corrosion. It is suitable for use in surgical procedures and ensures long-term stability and compatibility with the patient’s body tissues.
In summary, the “Locking Clavicle Hook Plate 3.5mm X 5 Holes Left Orthopedic Surgical Titanium” is a specialized orthopedic plate used for surgical fixation of fractures or injuries in the left clavicle bone. It has a width of 3.5mm, five screw holes, and is made of titanium for biocompatibility and durability.

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