Locking Head Cancellous Screw 16mm Thread 5.0mm X 90mm Self Tapping SS316L

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The “Locking Head Cancellous Screw 16mm Thread 5.0mm X 90mm Self Tapping SS316L” appears to be a specific type of medical device, likely used in orthopedic surgery. Here’s a breakdown of its components:

Locking Head: This refers to the head of the screw, which may have a special design to allow it to lock into a plate or another bone fixation device. This feature provides stability and prevents the screw from backing out.

Cancellous Screw: Cancellous screws are designed for use in cancellous bone, which is spongy and less dense than cortical bone. These screws typically have a coarse thread design to provide better purchase in softer bone.

16mm Thread: This indicates the length of the threaded portion of the screw, which is 16mm. The threaded portion is the part that engages with the bone to provide fixation.

5.0mm Diameter: This refers to the diameter of the screw shaft. A 5.0mm diameter screw would be suitable for bone with a corresponding diameter of the pilot hole.

90mm Length: This indicates the overall length of the screw, including both the threaded and unthreaded portions. The 90mm length suggests that this screw is relatively long and may be used for fixation in larger bones or in scenarios where additional length is required.

Self-Tapping: Self-tapping screws have a special design that allows them to create their own pilot hole as they are driven into the bone, eliminating the need for pre-drilling.

SS316L: This indicates the material composition of the screw, which is stainless steel (SS) grade 316L. SS316L is a common medical-grade stainless steel alloy known for its corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, making it suitable for use in surgical implants.

Overall, the “Locking Head Cancellous Screw 16mm Thread 5.0mm X 90mm Self Tapping SS316L” is a specialized orthopedic implant designed for fixation in cancellous bone, featuring a locking head design, specific thread length and diameter, self-tapping capability, and constructed from SS316L stainless steel for durability and biocompatibility.

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