Notty Boy Delay Gel For Men 20 gm & Climax Delay Condom (Pack of 1 x 10 pcs)

Inside the Pack : 1 Delay Gel 20g | Climax Delay Condom (Pack 1, 10pcs)
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Lidocaine IP 2.5% w/w
Prilocaine IP 2.5% w/w
How To Use Delay Gel For Men
Take The Gel and spread it evenly on the relevant area for better absorption in the skin or use as directed by the physician.
Points To Remember While Using Delay Gel
1. Using too Much
Use 1-2 gm of gel and spread it evenly on the relevant area. If you are use more than the suggested quantity of Lidocaine spray & lose feeling, No need to panic, use a cloth to remove the excess or wash it with water. The feeling will return once the product wears off. Most people regain sensitivity within 30-minutes or so.

2. Using too Little Delay gel
Using to less of delay gel can also be a problem as if the gel is not used as suggested you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of using a delay gel. Read instructions on how to use the delay gel properly.

3. Applying the Spray in the Wrong Places
Apply gel on tip or the shaft only for properly using the delay gel

What are the side effects of using Delay Gel?
Using delay gel more than the requirement can cause temporary sensitivity loss and possibly the loss of an erection for a short period of time.

Other side effects of delay gel includes:-
Skin irritation
If you experience any of these issues then you should immediately wash the product off with soap and water and discontinue use of any kind of delay sprays.

Do not apply near eyes or on open wounds.
Keep out of reach from children.
For Men Only

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