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An orthopedic pneumatic tourniquet with a manual set, three cuffs, and a pressure pump is a specialized medical device specifically designed for orthopedic surgeries or procedures involving the limbs.

This equipment includes:

Pneumatic System: Utilizes compressed air to inflate and regulate the pressure within the tourniquet cuffs placed around a limb.

Manual Set: Allows the healthcare provider to manually adjust and control the pressure applied by the cuffs. This manual control ensures precise regulation of pressure levels, critical for orthopedic procedures requiring varying degrees of pressure.

Three Cuffs: The inclusion of three cuffs likely provides options for different sizes or variations to accommodate various limb sizes or situations. This versatility is crucial in orthopedic surgeries where different cuff sizes may be needed for different parts of the limb or for different patients.

Pressure Pump: A component of the system used to control the inflation and pressure levels within the cuffs. The pressure pump enables healthcare professionals to adjust and maintain the desired pressure for a bloodless surgical field without causing harm to the patient’s limb.

In orthopedic surgeries, pneumatic tourniquets are often used to create a bloodless environment in a specific area of the limb being operated on. This controlled blood flow restriction aids surgeons in performing procedures such as joint replacement, fracture repairs, or other orthopedic interventions with greater precision and reduced blood loss. The manual control and multiple cuff options contribute to the adaptability and safety of the tourniquet for various orthopedic procedures and patient needs.

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