DCP Plate Narrow S.S. 4.5mm X 8 Holes SS316L Dynamic Compression

Orthopedic Plate Implant


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The “Orthopedic DCP Plate Narrow S.S. 4.5mm x 8 Holes” is a specific type of orthopedic implant used in fracture fixation and bone reconstruction surgeries. Let’s break down its components:

Orthopedic DCP Plate: DCP stands for “Dynamic Compression Plate,” a type of implant used to stabilize fractures. These plates are designed to provide compression at the fracture site, aiding in bone healing by allowing controlled compression and promoting alignment. They are made of stainless steel, known for its strength and biocompatibility.

Narrow S.S.: This refers to the plate’s width or profile. A “narrow” designation means it’s thinner and more suitable for specific bone anatomies or situations where a slimmer profile is necessary. “S.S.” indicates that it’s made of stainless steel.

4.5mm: This indicates the width of the screw holes or the thickness of the plate. In this case, it’s 4.5mm, which means it’s compatible with 4.5mm screws for fixation.

8 Holes: This specifies the number of holes available on the plate for screws. Surgeons can place screws through these holes to secure the plate to the bone, providing stabilization and support during the healing process. The number of holes determines the versatility and options for placement in the surgical procedure.

Overall, this specific orthopedic DCP plate is designed to provide stabilization and support in cases of bone fractures or reconstructions where a narrow, 8-hole configuration is suitable, typically in situations where a thinner profile is required or in smaller bones or specific anatomical locations.

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