Plain Drill Bit 1.3mm X 130mm Orthopedic Instrument S.S.

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Plain Drill Bit 1.3mm X 130mm Orthopedic Instrument S.S.

It seems like you’re describing a plain drill bit used in orthopedic surgery. Let me break down the information:

Plain Drill Bit: This refers to a basic, non-specialized drill bit without any specific features or coatings. It’s likely a straightforward cutting tool.

1.3mm Diameter: This indicates the diameter of the drill bit. In this case, it has a diameter of 1.3 millimeters. This measurement is crucial in surgery, where precision is essential.

130mm Length: The length of the drill bit is 130 millimeters. The length is also an important consideration, especially in orthopedic procedures where the surgeon needs to reach specific depths.

Orthopedic Instrument: This drill bit is designed for use in orthopedic procedures. Orthopedic instruments are specialized tools used in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of conditions related to the musculoskeletal system.

S.S.: This likely stands for stainless steel, indicating the material of the drill bit. Stainless steel is commonly used in medical instruments due to its corrosion resistance and biocompatibility.

In summary, the described plain drill bit with a 1.3mm diameter and 130mm length is an orthopedic instrument made of stainless steel. It’s likely used for precise drilling in orthopedic surgeries, where accuracy and reliability are critical.

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