Hinge 90° Orthopedic Ilizarov External Fixator

Orthopedic External Fixator


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The orthopedic external fixator with a 90-degree hinge is a specialized device used in orthopedic surgery to stabilize bones and joints at a particular angle. This fixator includes pins or wires inserted into the bone above and below the injured area, and externally connected by rods and hinges.

The 90-degree hinge allows controlled movement precisely at a right angle. This controlled mobility is crucial for certain types of fractures or joint injuries where controlled motion is required for rehabilitation, while still maintaining stability to support the healing process.

Surgeons often use these specialized fixators in complex fractures, cases requiring gradual correction of deformities, or situations where controlled movement during recovery is necessary to prevent joint stiffness. The hinge’s design permits a specific range of motion, aiding in the patient’s rehabilitation and recovery process while ensuring the bones or joints are held in place securely for optimal healing.



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