Short Connection Plate 6 Holes Orthopedic Ilizarov External Fixator S.S.

Orthopedic External Fixator


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A short connection plate with 6 holes for an orthopedic Ilizarov external fixator is another component used in orthopedic surgery for bone fractures or deformity correction. Similar to the previous description, this plate is designed to connect various elements of the Ilizarov external fixator system.

The plate typically consists of stainless steel (S.S.) and has six holes, allowing for the passage of screws or wires to secure it to other parts of the fixator and to the bone fragments. These plates come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different patient anatomies and surgical requirements.

The 6-hole configuration provides flexibility in the positioning and alignment of the fixator components, allowing surgeons to customize the treatment based on the specific needs of the patient. This flexibility is essential for achieving optimal stability and alignment during the bone healing process.

Overall, the short connection plate with 6 holes plays a critical role in the stability, alignment, and functionality of the Ilizarov external fixator system, contributing to successful bone healing and patient recovery.

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