Pedical Laminar Spine Hooks Single Hook 4.0mm X 22mm Orthopedic Surgical Titanum

Orthopedic Spine Implant


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The “Pedical Laminar Spine Hook Single Hook 4.0mm X 22mm Orthopedic Surgical Titanium” refers to a specific type of orthopedic surgical hook used in spine surgery. Let’s break down the description:

Pedical Laminar Spine Hook:
Pedicle and Lamina: These are specific parts of the vertebra in the spine. The pedicle is a bony protrusion that connects the vertebral body to the lamina, which is the part of the vertebra that forms the roof of the spinal canal.
Spine Hook: This indicates that the device is designed to engage with the pedicle or lamina for purposes of stabilization or manipulation during spinal surgery. Hooks are often used to provide temporary or permanent anchorage points for surgical instruments or implants.
Single Hook: This means that each individual hook has a single prong or hook to engage with the bone. Hooks can come in various configurations, including single-hook, double-hook, or multi-hook designs.
4.0mm X 22mm:
4.0mm: This measurement refers to the diameter or width of the hook. It indicates the size of the hook shaft, which determines the size of the pilot hole needed for insertion into the bone.
22mm: This measurement denotes the length of the hook. It indicates how deeply the hook penetrates into the bone to provide stabilization or support.
Orthopedic Surgical Titanium:
Orthopedic Surgical: This clarifies the intended use of the hook, which is in orthopedic surgery, particularly spine surgery. Orthopedic surgical hooks are commonly used to manipulate or stabilize bone structures during surgical procedures.
Titanium: This specifies the material composition of the hook. Titanium is widely used in orthopedic implants due to its biocompatibility, strength, and corrosion resistance. Titanium implants are lightweight and durable, making them well-suited for use in orthopedic surgeries.
In summary, the “Pedical Laminar Spine Hook Single Hook 4.0mm X 22mm Orthopedic Surgical Titanium” describes a specialized orthopedic surgical hook designed for use in spine surgery. It is made of titanium and has specific dimensions tailored to the needs of spinal procedures, particularly for engaging with the pedicle or lamina.

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