Pedicle Laminar Spine Hooks Single Hook 4.0mm X 24mm Titanium

Orthopedic Spine Implant


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Pedicle or pedicular spine hooks are orthopedic surgical instruments used in spinal surgeries for fixation purposes. These hooks are designed to attach to the vertebral pedicles (specific parts of the vertebrae) to provide stability and support during spinal fusion or correction procedures.

The description “Pedicle Laminar Spine Hooks Single Hook 4.0mm x 24mm” specifies:

Type: Pedicle or pedicular spine hooks, indicating their use in the pedicles of the vertebrae for spinal fixation.

Single Hook: Refers to the design of the hook, which has a single point or attachment mechanism for fixation.

Size: The dimensions are specified as 4.0mm x 24mm, likely indicating the diameter of the hook (4.0mm) and its length or depth (24mm). These measurements are crucial for proper placement and secure attachment to the vertebrae.

Orthopedic Application: These hooks are utilized in spinal surgeries where spinal stabilization, fusion, or correction is necessary. They serve as anchoring points for attaching rods or other devices to achieve spinal alignment and stability.

Pedicle hooks are commonly used in conjunction with other spinal instrumentation, such as rods, screws, or plates, to provide structural support to the spine. They play a critical role in maintaining alignment and stability while the spine heals after surgical interventions or in cases of spinal deformities.

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