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A single pin fixation bolt in an Ilizarov external fixator system is a component used in orthopedic surgery for the stabilization and fixation of bone fractures or deformities. The Ilizarov external fixator is a device named after the Russian orthopedic surgeon Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov, who pioneered the technique in the 1950s. It consists of a frame made of stainless steel rings connected by threaded rods and fixators.

The single pin fixation bolt is typically made of stainless steel and is designed to be inserted into the bone through a minimally invasive procedure. It provides stability and allows for controlled movement of the bone segments during the healing process. The external fixator system, including the single pin fixation bolt, is often used in complex fractures, limb lengthening procedures, correction of deformities, and bone reconstruction surgeries.

Key features of a single pin fixation bolt may include:

Stainless steel construction: Stainless steel is commonly used in orthopedic implants due to its biocompatibility and strength.
Threaded design: The bolt is threaded to allow for secure attachment to the external fixator frame.
Self-tapping or non-self-tapping: Depending on the design, some bolts may be self-tapping, which means they can be inserted directly into the bone without the need for pre-drilling.
Locking mechanism: The bolt may feature a locking mechanism to prevent loosening once it’s inserted into the bone.
Radiolucent markers: Some bolts have radiolucent markers to aid in X-ray visualization during surgery and follow-up.
The single pin fixation bolt is just one component of the Ilizarov external fixator system, which typically includes rings, rods, connecting elements, and other accessories. The choice of components and configuration of the external fixator depend on the specific needs of the patient and the nature of the injury or condition being treated.

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