Spine Rod Dia. 5.7mm X 300mm Orthopedic Spine Surgical Surgery

Orthopedic Spine Implant


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The “Spine Rod Dia. 5.7mm X 300mm Orthopedic Spine Surgical Surgery” refers to a specific type of orthopedic spinal rod designed for use in spine surgery. Let’s break down its components:

Spine Rod: This indicates that the device is a rod specifically designed for use in spinal surgeries. Spinal rods are crucial components used to stabilize and support the spine during surgical procedures such as spinal fusion, correction of spinal deformities, or treatment of spinal fractures.
Dia. 5.7mm X 300mm: These measurements specify the dimensions of the spinal rod:
Dia. 5.7mm: This refers to the diameter or width of the rod. A diameter of 5.7mm indicates the thickness of the rod, which determines its strength and ability to withstand forces applied to the spine.
300mm: This indicates the length of the rod. The 300mm length specifies the size of the rod, which may vary depending on the specific surgical procedure and the patient’s anatomy.
Orthopedic Spine Surgical Surgery: This clarifies the intended use of the spinal rod, which is in orthopedic spine surgery. Spinal rods are commonly used in various spinal surgeries to stabilize and support the spine, promote fusion, correct deformities, and maintain spinal alignment.
In summary, the “Spine Rod Dia. 5.7mm X 300mm Orthopedic Spine Surgical Surgery” describes a specialized orthopedic spinal rod used in spine surgery. It has a diameter of 5.7mm and a length of 300mm, designed specifically for stabilizing and supporting the spine during surgical procedures.

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