Tubular Rods 8mm 1mm Well Thickness 250mm (10″)Orthopedic Ilizarov External Fixator Stainless Steel

Orthopedic External Fixator


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Tubular rods with dimensions of 8mm in outer diameter, 1mm in wall thickness, and 250mm (or 10 inches) in length are components utilized in orthopedic Ilizarov external fixators made of stainless steel.

These tubular rods serve a critical role in orthopedic surgeries, providing stability and support for bone fixation and alignment within the Ilizarov external fixator system, which also comprises rings, wires, pins, and connecting rods.

The 8mm outer diameter and 1mm wall thickness indicate the robustness and structural integrity of the rod, ensuring it can withstand the forces encountered during the fixation process.

With a length of 250mm (10 inches), these rods span a considerable distance, contributing significantly to the overall stability and alignment of the fixator system.

Stainless steel is chosen for its strength, durability, and biocompatibility, making it suitable for use in orthopedic surgeries without causing adverse reactions in the body.

During the surgical procedure, these tubular rods are used to connect the rings or other components of the fixator system, helping to establish a stable frame around the affected bone. This stability supports proper alignment and provides the necessary support for the bone to heal correctly.

Orthopedic surgeons frequently employ Ilizarov external fixators in various orthopedic procedures, particularly in cases where traditional methods may be insufficient. These fixators permit adjustments over time, facilitating gradual bone lengthening or realignment for optimal recovery and functionality.

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