Graduated Telescopic Rod 150mm Orthopedic Ilizarov External Fixator Stainless Steel

Orthopedic External Fixator


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A graduated telescopic rod in an orthopedic Ilizarov external fixator system serves as a crucial component for bone lengthening procedures and the correction of bone deformities. Here’s a breakdown of its features and functionality:

Telescopic Design: The telescopic rod comprises inner and outer components that can slide within each other, enabling gradual adjustments in length. This design facilitates controlled bone distraction or compression over time, crucial for procedures like limb lengthening.

Graduated Markings: The rod typically features graduated markings along its length, usually in millimeters or centimeters. These markings aid surgeons in accurately monitoring and adjusting the lengthening or compression process, ensuring precise outcomes.

Stainless Steel Construction: Like other components of the Ilizarov external fixator system, the telescopic rod is commonly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel offers excellent strength, durability, and biocompatibility, essential for orthopedic implants.

Threaded Ends: The rod may have threaded ends to allow for secure attachment to other fixator components, such as rings or connecting elements. This threading ensures stability and prevents unintended movement during the fixation process.

Locking Mechanism: Some telescopic rods feature a locking mechanism to secure the desired length once adjustments are made. This prevents inadvertent changes in the bone distraction or compression achieved during the surgical procedure.

Radiopaque Markers: Radiopaque markers may be incorporated into the rod, facilitating visibility under imaging modalities such as X-rays. These markers help surgeons assess the position and alignment of the telescopic rod and monitor bone healing progress postoperatively.

The graduated telescopic rod plays a vital role in the Ilizarov external fixation method, providing surgeons with precise control over bone length and alignment during complex orthopedic procedures. Its adjustable nature and graduations allow for meticulous management of bone growth and correction, contributing to successful outcomes in limb reconstruction and deformity correction surgeries.

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