Plain Cannulated Drill Bit 3.2mm X 165mm Orthopedic Instrument S.S.

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A plain cannulated drill bit with specifications of 3.2mm diameter and 165mm length is commonly used in orthopedic surgery for various procedures such as drilling pilot holes for screws or pins in bone fixation.

The term “cannulated” means that the drill bit has a hollow center, allowing surgeons to pass guide wires or other instruments through it during surgery. This enables precise placement of implants or screws.

The material mentioned, S.S., likely stands for stainless steel, which is a common material used in the manufacturing of surgical instruments due to its durability, resistance to corrosion, and biocompatibility.

Overall, this type of drill bit is a crucial tool in orthopedic surgery, allowing surgeons to perform procedures with accuracy and precision.

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