Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw 7.0mm X 50mm Dia. Full Thread Titanium

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The description you provided refers to a specific type of orthopedic screw used for bone fixation. Let’s break down its components:

Large Cannulated Cancellous Screw: This indicates that the screw is designed for use in cancellous bone, which is the spongy, less dense type of bone found at the ends of long bones and within vertebrae. The term “large” suggests that this screw has a larger diameter compared to standard screws, which may be necessary for certain applications or to accommodate larger bone fragments.

7.0mm x 50mm Dia.: These numbers specify the dimensions of the screw. The first number (7.0mm) refers to the diameter of the screw shaft, and the second number (50mm) refers to the length of the screw. The term “Dia.” likely indicates the diameter again, although it’s redundant in this context.

Full Thread: This means that the screw’s threading extends along the entire length of the shaft, providing maximal grip and stability when inserted into bone.

Titanium: This specifies the material the screw is made of. Titanium is commonly used in orthopedic implants due to its biocompatibility, strength, and corrosion resistance.

In summary, a large cannulated cancellous screw with dimensions of 7.0mm diameter and 50mm length, full thread, made of titanium, would be used in orthopedic surgeries to fixate bone fragments, particularly in areas with cancellous bone. The cannulation allows for precise placement with the help of a guide wire, and the full thread provides secure fixation. The use of titanium ensures durability and biocompatibility.

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