Short Connection Plate 9 Holes Orthopedic Ilizarov External Fixator S.S.

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A short connection plate with 9 holes is a component commonly used in orthopedic surgery, particularly in the context of Ilizarov external fixation systems. These systems are often employed in complex fractures, limb lengthening procedures, and deformity corrections.

Here’s a breakdown of the components mentioned:

Short Connection Plate: This refers to a metallic plate used to connect various elements of an external fixation system. It is designed to provide stability and support to the bone fragments during the healing process.

9 Holes: The plate has nine holes which are used for the insertion of pins or wires. These holes allow for flexibility in the placement of the fixation elements depending on the specific requirements of the patient’s condition.

Orthopedic Ilizarov External Fixator: The Ilizarov method, named after the Russian orthopedic surgeon Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov, involves the use of an external fixator device to stabilize and lengthen bones. It typically consists of rings, wires, pins, and connecting rods.

S.S.: This abbreviation stands for stainless steel, indicating that the plate is likely made of this material. Stainless steel is commonly used in medical devices due to its strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility.

Overall, a short connection plate with 9 holes in an orthopedic Ilizarov external fixator made of stainless steel would be a component used in the construction of such a fixation system to treat complex bone fractures or deformities.

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