Stainless Steel Suture Wire On Wooden Spool 3mtr Roll SS316L

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Orthopedic stainless steel suture wire on a wooden spool, typically in a 3-meter roll, is a specific type of suture material used in orthopedic surgeries. Here’s a breakdown of its components:

Orthopedic Stainless Steel Suture Wire: This type of suture wire is made from stainless steel, known for its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. In orthopedic procedures, stainless steel sutures are often used for their ability to provide strong and long-lasting support in repairing tendons, ligaments, or bones.

Wooden Spool: The suture wire comes wound on a wooden spool, which helps keep the wire neatly organized and prevents tangling or kinking. The spool allows for easy handling and cutting of the suture wire during surgery.

3-meter Roll: This refers to the length of the suture wire supplied in the roll. The 3-meter length provides enough material for procedures without excessive waste.

This type of suture wire is commonly utilized in orthopedic surgeries where high tensile strength and minimal tissue reaction are required. It’s particularly useful in repairing tissues or structures that undergo significant tension or stress during movement or weight-bearing activities.

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